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Imagine a world in which the laws of reality are written in a language that special, magical people learn to bend to their will. We call these scholars, adventurers, and spellweavers by a special title denoting both their class and birthright: Lawyer

In this game one player plays as a special class of lawyer, sworn to protect and uphold the laws of reality called a Public Defender (or just Defender) while the other player plays as a scoundrel lawyer attempting to reinterpret these laws to their will known as a Prosecutor

Both lawyers struggle against one another and with the all-powerful deity (some would say demon) who controls these laws of reality, known as The Judge.


Rules Lawyer is a 2 or 4 player competitive game of spell creation, usage, and friendly arguing. Play across a series of Trials, contending with one another and The Judge.  All you need to play are a a six-sided die and a surface to write-on (virtual surfaces are recommended). Downloads are: 

Rules Lawyer.pdf - A 12-page description of the RPG, along with tables for generating quests and Trials.

Rules Lawyer Two Pager.pdf - A 2 page version of the game, to be used as reference during play.


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